At Twin Oaks Park you will find that we have grown to suit the needs of our bluegrass festival as it's grown through the years. You'll notice with a look at the overhead map (above) that we are well suited and equipped to meet the needs of our guests. The three bath house facilities have a total of 28 public and permanent restrooms as well as 20 showers. They all remain well kept and clean with an adequate hot water supply. We also offer 881 campsites with water and electricity. Hookups are 30 amps each and water is supplied by 3 deep wells arranged around the park and are also linked together so you will not be without water during your stay with us. We supply water to each campsite with volume, not excessive pressure. Our wells are regulated and with 1.25" supply lines we can maintain a constant, dependable, and clean water supply to your campsite without the worry of adding a regulator at your outlet. Power is provided by and maintained by Okefenokee O.R.E.M.C..

           When you first enter the campground the first thing you will notice is our ticket booth, built with poles from Granny Crews' tobacco barn, you'll also notice the "Gate House". This is typically used for event staff at our festivals and other functions held at Twin Oaks. It has a full kitchen as well as 9 tables which makes it perfect for small groups.

           Farther down you will come to our club building that is also the middle bathhouse. It is stocked with more than enough tables and chairs to fill the room for your next jam session, meeting, wedding, birthday party or reunion. The club building is well insulated, air conditioned, and is a summer favorite for meals and jam sessions.

           Behind the Club building you will come to the card room. This was built as a multi purpose room and for the many card players that needed a place to get together for the large and sometimes serious card games that would pop up during a lot of the events at Twin Oaks. This room is screened in and has curtains that cover the screens as needed. We also furnished the card room with a full sized gas stove, full refrigerator, commercial sink, and a stainless steel grill as well as hot water and all the food prep area you could need. The card room is located just a few steps from the historic "pickin' tree" that has been home to more epic jam sessions than a person could count, with anywhere from a couple old friends tryin out a new song to some of our bands coming fresh off the stage to jam with folks in the crowd and even Sunday morning service after the festivals.

        One of the next buildings you could check out is our "Craft Building". This building was built when we outgrew the old shed. It was originally an open shelter but we realized after just a couple of shows that it wouldn't be quite enough. So we expanded the building again into what you see today, an 80' by 120' metal building with a total of 18 roll up doors to either totally enclose the building or open it up to let the sunshine in! This building is primarily used during our festivals for vendors to set up a "mini mall" and is stocked with plenty of tables and can be quickly arranged to accommodate anything from a small concert to a large meal or wedding reception type event.

       Just outside is the "pit" an old brick BBQ pit that was part of the original craft shed and along with the ticket booth, are the two oldest structures at Twin Oaks. There has been many tons of meat grilled on the old pit, and it still gets used today from time to time. During the Festivals you will find advertisements and flyers from some of the other festivals and campgrounds placed here.

      The kitchen is another building in this area and its where you can grab a quick burger and fries or corn dog and an ice cold Coke during the festivals. It is only open during the festivals and has a covered porch dinning area with 7 picnic tables with a good view of the stage. Our kitchen has received a consistent "A" rating from the health department with a strong "100" average score for always being clean and in top notch shape. We offer a full "fast food" type menu and fast, friendly, and familiar staff. It's open Thursday thru Sunday during our Bluegrass shows.

      Just downhill you will see our stage shelter. With the natural lay of the land we were able to layout a perfect amphitheater with a massive covered seating area with room for around 3000 seated comfortably and room for many many more under the shade of the oak trees and a great view from anywhere. Our backstage area offers 2 private dressing rooms and an office with a restroom in each along with an enclosed hallway with direct access to the stage. 

      Just a short walk up the hill is our west end bath house. Men's restrooms and showers on one side and women's on the other. Six restrooms and six showers per side with plenty of hot water to go around and as always they are kept clean and ready to use.

     Last but not least is our "Florida Room". It is located on the east end of the property and is our newest addition. It was built as a 40x60 meeting room and restroom, but we quickly realized that it would be a useful location for a kitchen as well. So we added another 25 feet to house the kitchen, which is separated from the meeting room by two roll up doors. With this setup you can fit an entire small club in the kitchen for a meal or you can raise the doors and use the kitchen as a serving area and dine in the meeting room. The Florida room houses four men's and four women's restrooms as well as a storage room with A/C in the kitchen and full insulation throughout the building.

     We also offer two dump stations with two outlets each at opposite ends of the campground. You can see these, as well as the other buildings marked on the map above.

     If you haven't been to Twin Oaks yet, I hope that this has given you an idea of what to expect. We have plenty of room for you and your RV, Camper, Coach or Tent during our festivals, your next event, or if your just passing through. We can fit virtually any sized rig with ease, and we maintain our roads coming to and from the park ourselves to make sure that you have the best stay possible from start to finish. We have tried over the last 43 years to do everything possible to make Twin Oaks one of the finest campgrounds that you will find anywhere and we are constantly striving to improve and maintain that. If you are considering having us host your next event, take a look at the pictures, give us a call, come out and take a look around or ask around. We will do what it takes to make your time at Twin Oaks relaxing and enjoyable. Thanks for checking us out!